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RIKEN Sterilization Monitoring System for Steam, EO, Plasma, Ozonic, Bowie & Dick test, Washer-disinfector etc.

RIKEN Advanced Technology for Fine Chemicals.



For the sterilization assurance of the next generation, we take the concept that the real sterilization starts in process of washing for granted. Unless the washing disinfection process works well, affects a lot for the next sterilization process shown on the products guide such as steam, EOG, plasma H2O2, Ozonic, etc. Our originally developed plant-protein made washer disinfector indicator contributes a lot for a total sterilization control, as well as our chemical indicators for commonly used sterilization processes for steam, EOG, plasma H2O2 etc. All the inks are the original development exclusively for our Sterilization Testing System, as non-toxic, environmentally safe for usage and disposal, "lead-free", "heavy metal free" inks, for example even for our Black color version steam indicator and Bowie & Dick test sheet is developed to be a new way by the material called Bismuth.
We believe that WD indicator becomes the standard of the total sterilization control with a next decade, because we would always like to develop the present matters from the future idealistic standpoint.

All Riken's products are designed to meet all applicable technical performance standards of European, International, and CE marked / ISO approved.

Riken R&D team is active for the current indicator system of the new technology for the newer sterilization, such as plasma, ozonic, hydrogen-peroxide-solution, etc.
In addition, it is our culture to be collaborated for the projects with other companies and academic parties, and provide OEM supply in other brands.

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Fukuoka 814-0143 Japan
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Current News

for Sterilization Assuarance

Our incomparable ink oriented Dual function MARKER-PEN [S+DH], our class 4 ink provides the Assurance of steam sterilization and Dry heat sterilization. Another version for EOG, Plasma.
*Available for your designed wrapping on pen.

Bismuth new!

This material is that we have been under R&D for Black color, now it is used for some item as Bowie and Dick test. It was a challenge for us to find the solution about the situation that some client want an indicator in Black color, but not using any Lead.

Not really many countries prefer the Black color changing indicator, but it makes us happy feeling that we contributes for environmentally friendly circumstances even very small one.

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