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Bowie & Dick test is a test for successful air removal from high vacuum porous load steam autoclave sterilizers. Even color change of the sheet indicates even penetration of saturated steam in the sterilizers. It is essential to check the steam autoclave sterilizers daily, preferably every cycle to ensure perfect sterilization condition.

HOW TO USE : Set RK Bowie & Dick Test Products in the center of sterilizer to be
exposed for autoclaving with such three parameters as time,steam,and temperature
covering 121ºC to 141ºC in according to time and pressure range.

We are providing several products for Bowie & Dick test as follows ;

Bowie & Dick test- pack (Model : BD-TP)

Riken Bowie-Dick Test Pack is designed as an environmentally safe lead free method for daily monitoring of pre-vacuum steam sterilizers to detect air leaks, inadequate steam penetration and vacuum pump failures.
Riken Bowie-Dick Test Pack is designed to simulate a standard towel pack for detecting temperature drops and the presence of air.

The test pack is placed in the sterilizer in the most difficult to sterilizing area and run through a sterilization cycle for 15 minutes at 121ºC and for 3.5 minutes at 134ºC.

The correctly assembled test pack simulates the resistance of a Bowie-Dick test pack.
The test pack is consisted of 2 parts, one is made of Steam-absorbed-coaster-2 papers and another is originally high-pressed-board-6 papers which both surfaces are coated against moisture of steam, thus replaced drastically for conventional types of papers for the required voluum.

Test sheet is wrapped by paper for hung up which we call "Flap pull" system to make easier to take out without touching BD-S by finger. Sticker binded on center front BDTP box is made of special material enabling to detect as becoming bubble and wrinkle on surface after sterilized, thus judge if used or not.

Performance Characteristics:

If no appreciable air is present in the sterilizer chamber after vacuums are drawn, the steam will penetrate to the middle of the test pack and turn the indicator sheet a uniform green color. If a small amount of air is present, sufficient to cause a two-degree temperature drop in a Bowie-Dick towel pack, the air will migrate to the middle of the test pack turning the center of the sheet as indicated by a Bordeaux red color rather than an uniform green.

Color Change: Bordeaux Red to Green for complete change and no air leak
Complete Color Change Time: 15~20 minutes, at 121ºC with no air leaks and 3.5 minutes at 134ºC.

Physical Characteristics:

Indicator Printing : One Kent paper sheet on one side.
Dimensions: 123mm * 123mm * 12.8mm(T),

Model : BD-TP

Sample Bowie & Dick test- pack (Model : BD-TP)

Model : BD-S

Sample Bowie & Dick test- pack (Model : BD-S)

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Bowie & Dick test- pack (Model : BD-TB)

BD-TB is exactly same structure and function as BD-TP, only difference is BD-S which is changing color, ivory white to black. This Black is created by only Bismuth under our original technology same as all steam type of indicators up to Class 6.

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Bowie & Dick Machine-test-pack (Model : BD-MTP)

BD-MTP consists of three components, metal-frame(Model : MF)holding the Bowie & Dick test sheet(Model:BD-S):121mm X 121mm and the load-component(Model: LC) binding BD-S in center position. LC works to be replaced the conventional piled surgical(huckaback)towel as the same function,and designed to be able to use 20 times,means 20 pcs.of BD-S is used for 1 set of LC. BD-MTP can be used same way as the conventional type of Bowie & Dick test much more conveniently,after the test to see the result,take out BD-S sandwiched in the center of LC(LC consists of 18 pcs. of our originally developed neutral fiberboard). BD-MTP is a convenient,economical advanced method with much less waste,and can be recorded directly on top piece of LC printed as the 20 times check-sheet.

< Attention> Please change for a new LC after 20 times-use,and when take out BD-MTP from the sterilizer,please use a gloves since MF may become quite hot.

Model : BD-MTP

Sample Bowie & Dick Machine-test-pack(Model : BD-MTP)

Model : MF , Model : LC

Sample Bowie & Dick Machine-test-pack(Model : Model : MF , Model : LC)

Model : BD-S

BD-S is an indicator-sheet to detect an air-pocket in sterilizer.

Sample Bowie & Dick Machine-test-pack(BD-S)

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Bowie & Dick test-sheet for conventional method (Model : BD-CS)
275mm X 200mm

This sheet is designed for the conventional type of Bowie & Dick test-system to be utilized with 24 x 30cm of huckaback towel or cotton sheets which are piled-up to 35 x 27cm thickness, BD-CS is placed in center of huckaback towel or cotton sheets.

BD-CS is also possible for Machine test pack as BD-MTP with larger Model : MF and Model : LC, As per request, we can supply you on OEM style.

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Helix PCD indicator (Model : H-C)

The size of small autoclave sterilizer makes the test of Bowie-Dick Test limited. Therefore, there is Helix PCD steam penetration test as an alternative for the Bowie-Dick Test.

The Helix simulates the most difficult sterilization conditions, because it imitates a long, narrow-bore instrument. In the European standard EN 13060 it is designated as "hollow body A". The Riken Helix System corresponds to the European standard for indicator systems EN 867-5. The application of Riken Helix System is simple: Indicator strip,5mm x 76mm with perforation line, is inserted into the detachable cap of the Helix after bend on line, which shows a complete color change upon an effective pre-vacuum and subsequently sufficiently long sterilization time of the saturated steam. The successful sterilization is that Indicator color changes wine red to green, same as Model : S-EC, 3.5 min. at 134ºC and/or 15 min. at 121ºC (PCD).

Riken Helix indicator is in compliance with EN867-Part 5 and ISO 11140-1 (class 6).

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Helix PCD Kit (Model: H-K)

Our PCD is very compact as 80mm x 80mm x 25mm(H), which has however 1.5m tube inside
for steam penetration. The detachable cap of the Helix holds the bended indicator(Model : H-C), as below.

Sample Helix PCD Kit (Model: H-K)

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